How to Turn Off Find My iPhone? – Best Effective Ways

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone

This article teaches you How to Turn Off Find My iPhone: Find My iPhone is one of the most useful features for iPhone allow users to track and find/locating lost iPhone and iPads. When you set up iCloud, Apple automatically enabled Find my iPhone feature for security reasons. We all know that Apple values user’s privacy, It won’t let the third party software to access user’s data when Find my iPhone is turned on. So if you want to access users data then you have to turn off Find My iPhone feature.

This can be a great feature for preventing theft, but if you ever must deliver your iPhone down for repair or even be changed, or should you would like to promote it, then you need to make sure you remove Find iPhone before you hand it over. Depending on the condition, there are certainly a few ways of doing this. Before you go any further, however, you could wish to examine whether your phone is secured with Activation Lock. Apple has provided a rank checker allow one to do exactly that! If your phone is closed through Find My iPhone, then keep reading to discover how to disable it.

Find My iPhone is just an option that enables customers to locate missing iPhone and iPad devices. Before selling or moving on an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, You have to deactivate Find Our iPhone and take away the product of your tracking service.

How to Remove Find My iPhone from Your iOS Device?


Find Our iPhone is a function found in iOS and macOS that allows customers to locate lost or lost iPhone, iPad, and Mac products. Once Find My iPhone is triggered by a system, it’s related to that person’s Apple ID. The master can then discover the iPhone, iPad or Mac by logging to (on the Mac) or using the Locate my iPhone application on an iPhone or iPad. With Find Our iPhone enabled, who owns a device can see its spot over a place, remotely secure it, remove its contents or send a note to some missing product.

Apple’s Find My iPhone service can be beneficial in a variety of situations – if you’ve lost a device or had it taken – and is at the least appealing to many others. Gosh, look exactly how many Apple devices I own.

However, not everyone likes it. If you want to disable find my iPhone or looking for a guide on How to Turn Off Find My iPhone, then this article will help you to do this. Find My iPhone is a safety function that kicks in when you shed/misplace your iPhone/iPad. It is a section of iCloud and turning with this function for a system makes certain it is traceable until someone turns off location, information or the phone itself.

Update: Apple had fixed this bug within the current iOS 7.1 update. But there’s a brand new bug also inside the newest release which also enables the customers to delete iCloud consideration without knowing the password. See the facts at the end of this post.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone from Your iOS?

  • Open Settings and open iCloud.
  • In the iCloud settings, click Find My iPhone.
  • The switch should be showing green, signifying that Find my iPhone is enabled.
  • Tap the switch. Enter the iCloud id and password to confirm.
  • It will show red color.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone using iCloud?

  • You can easily turn off find my iPhone feature using iCloud. Go to on a computer and log in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Select Find my iPhone and Click All Devices along the top of the screen.
  • The iPhone you want to remove should say Offline.
  • Open the settings panel > Click the link to Remove from Account.
  • Confirm to turn off Find My iPhone and It’s done.


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