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Earlier transferring files with the help of Bluetooth devices took a lot of time. But now with an advanced SHAREit APK for sharing files from one device to another became easier and faster. With the help of Wi-Fi connectivity, one can transfer files to another user for free. Even movies can also be transferred easily. Not only movie videos but also its users can transfer more photos and music to another device. This app with its faster sharing just transfers any apps within seconds.

Currently, SHAREit App is available in 39 languages which make it easy to understand. SHAREit has quite similar features with Xender, Super Beam etc. However, this app is quicker and faster even than a Bluetooth or an NFC. Yes, and even USB driver also does the same work just like SHAREit but there is no risk to infect your personal computers with many malware or foreign device. Looking after all the slow Bluetooth or USB drive file transfer, SHAREit app is the most relevant tool which uses direct Wi-Fi connection. This content will give you more details about the app along with its downloading guidelines.

SHAREit Apk for Android – Detailed Information:

This is a tool which is 200 times better and faster than Bluetooth that helps to transfer files wherever and whenever. However, even without losing the original quality of your files, it has the power to transfer all the files to another device with the help of Wi-Fi connection. There is no restriction and once you install the APK of SHAREit you will definitely say that SHAREit is better than any other tools. You neither need a network for transferring the files with SHAREit. Now you can send and receive as many files or apps as you wanted. As a result, this file is totally secured for cross-platform sharing. SHAREit is a free application from Lenovo and you can simply share any folders via smartphones tablets or PC. Note down the steps below for downloading and installing the apk file.

SHAREit Android Apk – How to Download?

Downloading the APK file on your Android phone is easier only you must follow all of the steps that we guide you. Also, enable unknown sources for downloading the third party apps. Do visit, device settings> security settings> unknown sources. Without enabling the unknown sources, one can never download any third party applications. Make sure your internet or Wi-Fi connectivity is turned ON. Note down the steps given below for downloading the SHAREit Android APK.

  1. Click on this Link to get redirected to another page for downloading the App.
  2. Scroll down and search for the accurate apk file and hit the download option.
  3. Due to slow internet connection, it takes few more minutes to finish downloading the file.
  4. Finally as the downloading is over, you will be notified accordingly.

In this manner, you can complete downloading SHAREit APK file. However, if you want to download the app from Google Play Store then click on the link Here. Now let us focus on the steps of installing the file. They are easy and simple to install on your device.

SHAREit APK Android – How to Install?

Without any hurry, easily you can finish downloading the file. With the same manner, you can also start the installation. All you require is to follow my guide for a complete step of installing. With over 500 million users we provide a step below;

  1. In order to start installing the file, first of all, you must locate where the APK file is hiding.
  2. The moment you locate the file, tap on the Install button.
  3. Clicking on the install button will give you an access to your permission to utilize the app.
  4. To complete installing wait for few minutes.
  5. Finally, a confirmation will appear once the app is installed on your Android device.
  6. Open the app and enjoy sharing files with others.

This is how we completed a step by step procedure of installation of SHAREit. As you know this is the world’s most preferred cross-platform sharing app let’s focus on the important features given below.

Excellent Features of SHAREit Apk:


1. Most Reliable, Simple, Easy & Fast:

It transfers files with the highest speed around 20 M/s which is two hundred times quicker than any other Bluetooth device. It is very convenient to share files with the help of this app and simply by entering the portal one can easily share files with each other.

2. Connecting With Friends:

With no size restrictions, SHAREit helps to transfer and receive files, photos, music, PDF and much more. With top speed, it can share large files with no internet network connection.

3. Connect to Personal Computer:

It offers to transfer files instantly from your mobile to your PC. Also, you can connect your mobile and view photos on your computer and also play music. With your mobile phone itself, you can control your PPT. Within a second you can backup all the data and files and ultimately save all your valuable moments. Even all the photos are viewed in High-Quality resolution

4. Duplicate your Phone with a Single Tap:

Now with this feature, SHAREit helps to backup all the contacts from your old phone to a new phone. This means it has the capability to easily transfer all the files to a new device.

5. Transfers to Other Device:

SHAREit supports cross-platform transferring for personal computers, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and none other than Android and iOS device.


SHARE is the widest sharing app for Android and other platform devices. The main issue is because of much less information about this app. As we have given you the perfect step to download and install the SHAREit APK file we hope that without any error you could successful get the app. There might be some other similar apps too but we would advise against using those as you might not proper service like this app. So what else do you need when you have such awesome sharing tools for your Android device? Download the app now and enjoy simply sharing on your Wi-Fi connection.

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