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Sims3 Cheat Codes

Sims 3 is strategic life simulation computer game which is developed by EA – Electronic Arts. Sims 3 is a sequel to the Sims 2 which was best selling video game in 2008. However, Sims 3 had great success as well, since it sold 1,3 million copies in the first week. Sims 3 life simulation game is available for MS Windows, Mac, Xbox360, Nintendo, PlayStation 3 and even Android. You can buy this game from every gaming store or you can get this product from online (eBay, Amazon). Check out the latest Sims 3 editions from here.

After the installation, you can launch the game. Firstly, you have to make a Sim. All the Sims have unique characters. For example, they have their own fears, needs, and life goals, but you have to take care of them since they can die from starvation and they might get very stressed if you don’t cheer up their mood. You can design your sim (face, body, hair, eyes, mouth etc) and you can also put him/her your favorite name. The next objective is to buy a house. There are two options: You can buy the house with or without furniture. If you buy the house without furniture then I recommend you to use the Sims 3 Cheat “motherlode”, which give you 50,000$ extra cash. You can also buy a car, but you have to know it’s quite expensive. Sims3 money is not counted in dollars, it’s called “Simoleons”.

Sims 3 Cheats, Codes and Cheat Codes:


After you have made the Sims you can start “flirting”. There are several ways to make your sims into husbands, but you have to start with flirting – Jokes, kissing, holding hands etc. At some point in the game, you should be able to marry and make kids (as many you want). If you want to play the game fairly (without Sims 3 Cheat Codes), then you should start working with your sim in order to get him/her a decent job. If you have enough money, you can hire households – that makes your life a lot easier, since they clean up your entire house for 100$ a day. I have to admit that Sims 3 is a great game and if you want to know more about Sims 3 gameplay, then feel free to check the videos or wikipedias site.

There are tons of cheat codes available for Sims 3. They will all help you accomplish the game and speed up your success. Below I will point out the most common Sims 3 Cheats and on the other pages of my website, you can see different cheats which need little bit more information than just a code.

NB! Before entering cheat code you have to press /SHIFT/ + /CTRL/ + /C/- this will open a little box at the top of the left where you can submit your code. If you are using Windows Vista then use “Windows key” instead of /CTRL/

Information Cheat Code
Most of the cheats will be displayed help
Additional 1,000$ cash Kaching
Additional 50,000$ cash Motherlode
happiness point for Active Sim (+2500) shazaam
Free lot buying freerealestate
Clear all traits modify traits
Active Sim goes to current/active household add to household
Set your own age to the Sim set age [age number]
Edit or re-create your Sim edit in cas
Choose a career for your Sim set career [career/level]
Force career building to display opportunities force opportunity
Force career building to display event force event
Force career building for displaying events force all events
Make a service Sim to appear force service sim [name]
Neighbors will show up instantly force visitor
Your Sim knows all the other Sims make me know everyone
Make 10+ friends make friends for me
Disable moodiness, make all Sims happy make happy
Set specific motives for entire household make motives [static — dynamic]
Check career suits and service outfits [Point 1] unlockOutfits [on — off]
Endlessly place/move objects moveObjects [on — off]
Get your sims to a safe place resetSim [first name] [family name]
Terrain objects for Sims and other structures constrainFloorElevation [true — false]
Disable snapping to slots on /Alt/ disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt[on — off]
Faded Objects for fade camera fadeObjects [on — off]
Snap objects to Angle snapObjectsToAngle [true — false]
Snap objects to Grid snapObjectsToGrid [true — false]
Enable talk/thought clouds above Sim’s head hideHeadlineEffects [on — off]
Random joke for print jokePlease
Enable llamas! enablellamas [on — off]
Extra slow motion from 0 — 8 slowMotionViz [0 — 8]
Test cheats testingCheatsenabled [true — false]
FPS (Frame rate) will be showed on the top fps [on — off]
Full (maximize) screen mode fullscreen [on — off]
Exit from the game quit

Point 1: You have to enable this code before you enter into the “Create-A-Sim-Mode.”

These codes are the most useful while playing Sims 3, that’s why I pointed them out. I prefer to play without cheat codes, but it’s completely up to you whether you try them or not. Some of them might not work with the latest updates, so if you find a Sims 3 cheat code which is not working, then please inform me.

More cheats and unlocks for Sims 3. If you are looking for additional cheat codes, then please check out my other articles. Thanks for reading this article.

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