How To Use iMessage App on Windows (10/8.1/7) PC Laptop?

iMessage for Windows

iMessage is an amazing text SMS, MMS and chatting application for iOS users. So, how will you get your iMessage on your Windows PC? Well, you have to have the Apple iMessage application enabled on your Mac computer. It’s readily available for iOS products only it is simple to utilize this messaging software in your iOS system for free. As everyone understands and agree that Apple’s message is popular and remarkable support for iOS users. In this article, you will figure out top tips and tips to obtain and use the iMessage For Windows or laptop. You can browse this entire post and follow the measures to use the iMessage On Windows PC.

Apple has made it very simple for iOS users to chat with other Apple computers right where they left off on the iPhone and iPads. But being Apple, the organization has determined to limit this useful functionality for their operating system. iPhone and iPad owners who use Windows or Linux based laptops and computers must search for an alternative solution. iMessage is one of the most popular iOS apps that allows users to chat with another iOS device. But the problem is iMessage is only available for iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Apple tends to focus on beauty, the simplicity of use, and an overall controlled and improved experience. While, Microsoft has generally focused on personalization, open-source software that works together with any electronics, and fit for purpose computing. However, ever since Apple started using Intel processors inside their computers, the rift has gotten smaller and smaller. Mac products are actually effective at most of the items that had previously been completely the site of computers. For over ten years, all types of OSX have sent with Start Camp—an application which makes it easy for one to develop a partition in your hard disk and install Windows.

Download And Use iMessage For Windows PC Laptop:

For those who have an iPhone or an iPad, the only method to sync it so that your iMessage can visit your Windows device is to jailbreak the phone or supplement. There are certainly a few caveats to that particular, which you should know and consider before continuing. Obviously, Apple wants to control iMessage to its own array of cellular devices and computers. We enable you to decide whether the company is building a correct decision or not. What we’ll do rather is review a few established strategies that let you bypass the limits imposed on its customers by Apple.

If you look-up on the net is trying to find the most effective messaging app that you could use both on your computer and on your smartphones, you’ll be getting many lists which will include Whatsapp, Hangouts. It may seem out that as this software is popular enough to most of the consumers, so this would be the best for your Laptop and smartphone use, but truly, it is not the very best messaging software for you. If you are looking for how to download and use iMessage For Windows PC, then you are landed on right page. There are mainly two ways to use iMessage on Windows Laptop and PC.

Get iMessage On Windows PC – 2 Methods

Within this guide, I’ll be telling you clearly that, iMessage is the greatest instant messaging software that you can get and install on your own Windows Computer for messaging with your partners from Computer itself without switching to your cell phones. iMessage app was initially developed for iOS users only, but now it is also available for your Windows Computer. The most interesting thing about this iMessage app may be the capabilities, and this software has several interesting features which are exciting. iMessage is among the best instant messaging applications for your smartphone. However, the problem with this application is the fact that you can only use this app on your iOS system.

Method 1: Download and Install iMessage App on Windows Using Emulator

iMessage is one of the most popular social messaging application for the iOS device comes preinstalled on every iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But if you want to use iMessage For Windows then there is a way. With the help of this article, you can download and install iMessage on PC.

  • With the help of Emulator, you can use iMessage on PC. There are many emulators, but the iPadian emulator is one of the most popular Emulator for Windows PC.
  • iPadian is an emulator which allows you to download and install any of your favorite iOS apps on Windows laptop and PC.
  • Click on iMessage downloaded file to install it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and click on next.
  • Now iPadian iOS emulator has successfully installed.
  • Open iPadian Emulator > search for iMessage in the search bar.
  • Click on download and install.
  • Open it and start using it.

Method 2: Download iMessage App on Windows PC Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Maybe the first method is easy but if also check this another method to use iMessage for Windows PC. You will need a Mac OS for this method.

  • First of all, you have a MAC with iMessage and a Windows PC.
  • Now you have to download and install Chrome on your Windows PC and Mac both.
  • Open the Chrome browser and install Chrome Remote Desktop add-on.
  • Click on the Chrome Remote Desktop icon and open it.
  • Now download chrome remote desktop host installer on your MAC device.
  • You have to follow the instructions to connect your MAC to your Windows PC using chrome remote control.
  • Now you will see a random code, and you have to use this randomly generate code on both of the computers to connect each other remotely.
  • Finally, you have an access of your MAC device on your Windows PC.
  • Now open iMessage and start using it.

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